Artisan Crafts

McGregor is endowed with a number of talented, hardworking people who’s artisanal skills bring life to gold, silver wax, clay, paper and paint. 

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The Dragonfly Studio

McGregor’s own silver and goldsmith.  She will make your perfect piece or return old favourites to perfection. 

To see examples of her work and contact information, click here.

Granny Janny’s Bits and Bobs

Granny Janny, aka Janet, knits and crochets cute and cuddly toys for little (and big) people.

Click here see more of what she does, and for her contact information

Photo: Mark Chipps

Wiki Candles

McGregor residents, Susan and Ryan specialise in hand-dipped beeswax candles. Wiki candles is probably the only producer and supplier of these unique, aromatic, long-burning candles in South Africa.  A range of sizes and lengths is available, from pretty little birthday candles to 20cm pillar candles – all hand dipped.

Find Wiki Candles at the Saturday morning market and for more…

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