Destination McGregor


Welcome to the digital window on McGregor.  A one-stop-shop for information about what is on offer in our special village, from wine, food and accommodation and the arts to wellness, goods and services.

A fork in the road

Destination McGregor was launched in 2017 to offer tourism and related services, but thanks to Covid, things have changed.  Like so many, we’re looking inward to look out.

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The real People under the virtual Window Sill

The Cameron-Browns bought The Sandbag House and moved to McGregor at the end of 2011 – because they could, and because they had a long and unrequited love affair with the village.  

They’re McGregor market regulars where she sells Fiona’s Favourites’ fare.  The village grinds to a halt if he ever wears long pants – even in the depths of winter. Together, and before Covid, they hosted Sunday Suppers @ The Sandbag House.

Tom took early retirement after a long career in livestock farming a few years before they moved to McGregor.  In southern suburbs of Cape Town, he was known as the Odd Job Bod.  He took on, as he still does, odd jobs, knocking in nails and fixing the often “un-mendable”;  he also takes on more significant projects like fencing.  Years after moving to McGregor, he still receives calls from loyal customers disappointed at his no longer being in Cape Town. The old saying, ’n boer maak ‘n plan (a farmer makes a plan), really applies!

Fiona has been self-employed for more than 25 years, primarily in the post school education and training sector, and more recently doing writing and research-related gigs.  She has good organisational skills acquired through leadership as well as a range of different jobs:  at Rhodes University, where in addition to being an SRC member, she was a sub-warden, and worked in vacs at the Grahamstown festivals.  She worked as a housekeeper at a popular holiday hotel outside East London, and then when she started working, she was a volunteer manager and NPO board member for different organisations beginning in her early 20s, and for nearly forty years.  She has also been a fundraiser, conference organiser and in-country representative for an Australian university.

What they said –

From guests

If it was not for Destination McGregor, we would probably not have visited this lovely village! We were presented with several accommodation options that met our budget and preferences, and then given a list of possible things to do in and around McGregor. We rented a cottage that was perfect for us, and intend to return. We will, of course, be guided again by the efficient hand of Destination McGregor – and we wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

Highly recommended. Thanks Fiona for all the personal treats, a bottle of wine in the fridge, milk, coffee, biscuits, personal notes and flowers

From establishments

Fiona is always ready and available to support new business!  We used Destination McGregor’s ad hoc service while we were away for a month, and had a most relaxed break.  We will make of use of this service – again and again.

Airbnb Reviews of the Little Room @ The Sandbag House (currently not available)

This was an absolutely perfect get-away. I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable, peaceful and relaxing two days. Fiona and Tom are excellent hosts and provided everything I needed…. Breakfast on Sunday was also just the ticket…

Fiona and Tom were great hosts. Always friendly. The Little room is perfect for a short visit to the beautiful town and the outside shower is amazing on a sunny day!


Destination McGregor