Holistic Massage, Destination McGregor

Holistic Massage

Restore the balance

Atholl Haye Holistic Massage, Destination McGregor

Atholl tailors holistic massage treatments to clients requirements.


He is a qualified and experienced who has practiced massage since 2012. 

Holistic Massage, Destination McGregor

Atholl conducts treatments either in the therapy rooms set in the gardens at Temenos Retreat or in the comfort of guests’ accommodation in McGregor.

Holistic Massage, Destination McGregor

What clients say

…thank you for the amazing treatments. You gave each of the group the most perfect massage. Your intuition is precise. Wow! We’re indebted to you and your amazing service.


Your massage was strongly sculpted and finely sensed. I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you.

Destination McGregor, holistic massage

… that the gentle way you worked was so welcome, and a gift. The space felt held in a way that is rare and special. Thank you again.


Your attending presence and your masterful fluid, flowing touch at just the right pressure was maintained throughout the treatment. My mind, body and soul accessed a new balance, and you gave relaxation and peacefulness a new definition. 

Destination McGregor